Property Maintenance & Landscaping

Progress Property Maintenance & Landscaping understands curb-appeal and knows you take pride in your home and surrounding green space. That’s exactly why we provide comprehensive solutions for residential and commercial landscaping.

We are committed to matching your vision and budget with our experts to create and build a quality outdoor environment. Progress Landscaping takes great pride in our knowledge of the local climate, soils, plants and materials. We will utilize our extensive experience to create a wonderful and enjoyable landscape customized to fit your needs.

Our services include:


1. Consultation

We examine the current health and condition of your lawn and greenery in order to establish a custom program for you.


2. Mowing & Hedge-trimming

We’ll be there when you need us to ensure that your yard is kept in top shape. Proper lawn mowing allows the grass to grow deeper roots into the soil, and in turn necessitate less watering. Simply cutting your grass the right way can have profound effects on both the environment and your bank account.

Hedges can be an excellent addition to any business or home and provide natural structure to your property. While hedges can offer beauty and uniformity to your landscape, it is necessary to have them trimmed frequently to avoid an unruly, untidy look.


3. Landscape Fertilization

The primary goal of any commercial or residential landscaping service should be health, maintenance, and lush appearance of your landscape no matter the change of season or weather condition.


4. Pest & Weed Control

Quality lawn care service not only makes your landscape green but also limits and prevents unwanted pests. Insects and weeds tend to appear at certain times of the year. Our team will treat your lawn and stop those bugs from entering your house, all while making sure your grounds are weed free.


5. Promotion of Growth

Services like lawn fertilizer and lime treatment, and soil aeration, give grass and flora the nutrients and space to breathe, helping your lawn and plants grow lush and beautiful.


6. Landscape Debris Removal

Clean up and removal of: blow down, branches, leaves, cedar chaff, etc.


7. Tree Shaping, Trimming, & Removal

Plants, trees, and shrubs are constantly growing and require regular maintenance in order to preserve an appealing appearance. Tree pruning is critical to sustaining the overall health of your trees and can stimulate growth while leaving the natural appearance of the tree unaltered.


Our family owned business right here on the Sunshine Coast, will create landscapes to be enjoyed for years to come. Contact us today and let’s get started on building your outdoor oasis!

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